Swing360 is one of New Zealand’s longest-standing pole studios, based in Auckland’s CBD. Created by Aroha Dykes and now owned and operated by Ryoko Ibaraki (winner of many comps around the world, nurturer of baby pole dancers), our beautiful central city studios are home to a range of Pole Fitness, Flow, Conditioning, and Flexibility classes.

We make it our mission to ensure that you feel welcomed, safe, and challenged, no matter your current fitness level or background. Our instructors have also come to the sport from varied experiences (ex-gymnast, lifelong couch potato, boxer, and personal trainer, just to name a few), and can help you work through your challenges based on both professional training, and personal experience.

With a range of casual or membership options, you can come join us for a class, or 10. Or move into our Swing360 Hangout space with a sleeping bag… actually, maybe don’t do that last part. You might just find your tribe of oddballs here, like so many of us have already, and discover your confidence, strength, and flexibility along the way.

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