Dani is who you’d look to for the courage, or inspiration, to try a scary flip, or a seemingly impossible strength element. As a gymnast in her past life, she has the discipline to train consistently, and it shows in how far she has come. Take a class with her, and she might just inspire you to do the same.


As an instructor, Dani has this kindness and patience that makes you want to cling onto her every word. Even as you feel like giving up halfway through her killer warm up and conditioning, you might just be motivated to push through.


Likes: Chocolate, flips, power moves, everything leopard print

Dislikes: Standing in front of the fan, and getting too cold to go up the pole.


2017 Pole Stars NZ Trick Star Category Finalist

2017 Pole Legends Finalist

2018 Miss Pole Dance New Zealand Finalist

2019 Miss Pole Queen Finalist

2019 IPSF Finalist Elite Senior Women

2020 Pole Legends Finalist


Languages spoken - English, Spanish & French (Fluent but not native)



Gemma comes from a background of competitive laziness, and is a living testament to the powers of hard work and stubbornness. She is a second-generation advocate for pointy toes and clean lines, and is constantly discovering new and more diplomatic ways with which to impart that upon her students. She enjoys challenging her students as they complain about their new pole kisses, despite a strong suspicion that many of them secretly curse her in their sleep.  


Ever wanted to spend an entire class focusing on middle splits (or back bends, or one specific flexibility component rotating on a monthly schedule)? Come to her stretch class on Wednesdays at 6:30pm, and plan nothing save for a long, relaxing bath for the rest of the evening.


Likes: Cat fluff squished up against glass, and the Oxford comma.

Dislikes: Wearing 8-inch heels. She admires them on other people, but maintains that they’re basically stilts, and makes her a walking deathtrap!


2017 NZAPP Auckland Expert Category Winner

2017 Pole Stars NZ Artistry Category Finalist

2018 Miss Pole Dance New Zealand Finalist

2019 Miss Pole Dance New Zealand Finalist

2020 Pole Legends Finalist


Languages spoken - English


Owner & Instructor

Zoe is our flowy sexy glitter bomb, and she’s the reason our girls (and our floors) are perpetually covered in glitter. Hailing from Newcastle, U.K., Zoe found Swing360 from a free trial class back in 2015. Since then, she has fallen in love with the exotic side of pole, and is happiest when she’s swishing about in her 8-inch Pleasers. She is also a showgirl in the true sense of the word, who genuinely loves putting on an elaborate performance.


Come try out her Exotic Flow classes on Saturdays at 11am, and you’ll learn ways of moving your legs beyond your wildest imagination. You may or may not also find a few specks of glitter on your way home - that only adds to the magic, no?                                                     


Likes: Glitter, high heels, and all manners of floorwork and wavy legs.

Dislikes: Baked beans, and banana feet  


2017 Pole Stars NZ Miss Showgirl Category 1st Runner Up

2018 Miss Pole Queen Finalist

2019 Pole Artistry Grand Masters Finalist 


Languages spoken - English


Owner & Instructor

Kris is one of those people who have such a warmth about them that, when they tell you everything will be okay, you actually believe them. Even if you happen to be hanging off a pole in mid-air with just the skin between your thighs. Her kind, funny, and reassuring nature is just the steady hand you need from your pole instructor.


Kris has been particularly motivated by seeing the look of disbelief in her students’ eyes when they nail a move, realising that their bodies are capable of much more than they previously thought.

So, dear reader, let Kris take you further along your pole journey every Wednesday for Pre-Intermediate and Beginners, and you might just realise your limits don’t really exist at all!


Likes: Fluffy kitties and other animals, Rock music, good fiction (TV and books), comics, pole flow in heels.

Dislikes: Winter, green veggies, and vampires that sparkle


Languages spoken: English, Hindi (very sparingly)



Ting (you may see her listed in our booking system as Boo, after the fluffy doll-like Pomeranian on the internet) is Swing360’s petite can of whoop-ass, unofficially in charge of the strength, conditioning, and stretchy department. She’ll push you to your limits in her Swing Pilates, Pole Conditioning, and Pre-Intermediate classes, and do this in a way that makes you think you’ll be happy to do that extra set of planks or pole crunches. Of course, your abs may ache for days afterwards, but Ting prioritises safe training and progressions in her classes, and will help you achieve your goals with plenty of conditioning, technique, and hand-holding.

She started pole back in 2012, without any kind of fitness or dance background. In doing so, she went down the rabbit hole of aerial hoop, straps, yoga, and (recently) hot pilates, and never looked back. I suppose some of us go to the gym to lift weights, and others of us just love to spin, fly, and feel free!


Likes: Straps, lyra, corgi butts, peanut butter, taking her time with conditioning and stretching.

Dislikes: Discriminating between different animal butts - they’re all nice and fluffy, okay?

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin



AnneElizabeth is our resident queen of choreography, acting, and dance. You may notice upon seeing her in the studio that she moves effortlessly, and with a kind of fluidity that just kind of “makes sense”. Upon noticing this, you may also wonder how one become this way, and whether some are simply more gifted than others at swishing about without two left feet. Well, dear reader, alongside natural talent, AnneElizabeth also happens to be a bundle of training, credentials, and experience, chief among which include:

* A degree in Theatre and Dance from the University of Texas, focusing on stage acting
* Extensive experience choreographing dance classes, movement pieces for stage, musical theatre numbers
* 13 years of voice training

AnneElizabeth daylights (as opposed to moonlighting, get it?) as a personal trainer and gym junkie. With a love for combining strength training and emotive choreography in pole dance, AnneElizabeth joined the Swing360 team in January of 2018, and now teaches Contemporary Pole Flow every Monday and Wednesday. She regularly walks 50 minutes to the studio throughout the week, and puts those of us who make excuses about a 10 minute drive to shame. She is also an advocate for karaoke, post-training fro-yo, and lives locally with her partner and a soft kitty named Queso.

Likes: Weightlifting, camping, cheese, and her cat Queso (do you see a trend here?)

Dislikes: Her lactose intolerance

NZAPP 2018 Auckland Heat Intermediate Category Winner

NZAPP 2018 Finals in Christchurch Intermediate Category Finalist

Languages: English

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