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Meet our instructors

Meet our team of passionate and experienced instructors. We have all come to the sport from varied experiences (ex-gymnast, lifelong couch potato, boxer, and personal trainer, just to name a few), and can help you work through your challenges based on both professional training, and personal experience.



Dani is the studio’s resident flips and tricks expert. Her discipline and dedication to pole shows in her technique and skill when executing scary pole tricks. She has competed in national and international competitions and is consistently up-skilling herself with new moves and tricks to pass on to her students. Dani loves teaching all levels of polers, from beginners right up to advanced, and enjoys watching students unlock new skills as they level up.

When not at the studio, Dani spends her time taking care of Dotti and Galita, her little rescue furbabies, playing board games and buying loads of pole wear.



Gemma is Swing360's flexy and bendy queen. Students are guaranteed a hard workout in her class but will definitely see results in their flexibility and pole abilities. Gemma is very analytical, methodical and technical in her way of teaching which ensures her students are well aware of their contact points on the pole, weight distribution and effective use of momentum. She is also no stranger to competitions and is always happy to impart her knowledge and experience to those looking to compete or perform routines.

When not researching new ways to test her student’s range of motion, Gemma enjoys spending time caring for her 4 fur babies – Bob, Nunu, Taako and Lup (Bean).



Zoe started her pole journey in 2015 and has not looked back. She has a natural talent for the fast, exotic, Russian style of flow and you will find her whipping up cool routines to dance around in her 8 inch heels. She has competed in NZ competitions, placing Second in the Miss Showgirl Category at Pole Stars.


In her class, she focuses on building strength for pole moves but in a fun and safe way. Her encouraging and patient approach to teaching pole is what makes students leave her class with a smile on their faces.

Outside of pole, Zoe enjoys baking, pub trivia and being a staffy mom to her dog, Reggie.



Kris strongly despised any form of exercise or gym work, until she was dragged along to a pole class by a friend. She calls herself the world’s okayest pole dancer but enjoys the feeling of achievement one gets when you nail a pole move. She loves seeing the same expression on her students faces when they get a pole trick that they didn’t think they could do. She will be your biggest cheerleader and supporter in class. Kris usually instructs our Beginner and Intermediate classes, where her years of experience ensures you will be in caring, capable hands.


Kris is a proud cat momma to two rescue tabbies – Buffy and Spike and loves baking, drinking gin and binge watching lots of TV shows.

manon D.png


Manon started doing pole in 2016, following a friend that told her she would love it. And she knew it was the sport for her when she kept smiling through the pain.

She's all about the artistry and the feeling of resolving a puzzle with her own body. She loves moving through dance and has dabbled in a lot of different genres like contemporary, ballet, modern jazz, hip hop, Tahitian traditional, afrobeat, and capoeira - just to name a few!


Swing360 was her first (and is still her only) pole studio and she is keen to give back all the love and support she received as a student to the new wave of polers coming through.



Courtney has been pole dancing at Swing360 since 2018, and before that, trained in a range of different dance styles, primarily Jazz ballet. She has competed in NZAPP Intermediate 2018, Polestars Artistry category 2018, was awarded second place at Pole Artistry Grand Masters Amateur category in 2019, and competed in Pole Artistry Grand Masters Semi-pro category in 2020. She loves to perform and create themed routines, even dabbling in a bit of (very amateur) costuming when required! As a teacher, she aims to create a safe but fun environment where students feel supported
to achieve their goals.

Outside of the studio, Courtney can be found training her cat Veronica to speak with buttons, or spending time with her bunny rabbit Timmy.



Ryan is the studio’s resident clown – always ready to make people laugh. He started his pole journey by signing up to a class after being dared by his friend to do so. He decided that it was actually quite fun and kept coming back for more. Ryan likes to ensure that his classes are hard but fun, and is always around to lend a supporting hand or two. He also likes to encourage people to try new moves and tricks, however, he wants to make sure that everyone has a good time when in class.

Outside of pole, Ryan enjoys bubble baths, long hikes and walks, and always ready to try out new gastronomic experiences.

DSC02125 (1)_edited.jpg


Emma started pole dancing in 2018 after moving from Australia to NZ. What began as a way to keep fit and make new friends quickly became a wonderful obsession. Having never expected to perform, let alone compete, Emma loves the way that pole has challenged her to grow and rewritten what she believed she was capable of. With a love for all things powerful and dynamic, Emma adores flips, kicks and tricks.


She is particularly excited to share her passion for pole dance through teaching because inside every pole dancer is a beginner who fell in love! She hopes you'll find her classes a place of encouragement, empowerment & fun ❤️

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